About the GATOM Project

The GATOM (Gearing Adult Education Towards Occupational Mobility) project was an 18-month study undertaken by a consortium of eight European research organisations sunder the direction of the Austrian Institute for SME Research (KMU FORSCHUNG Austria). The eight countries included Ireland, Austria, Germany, Spain, Finland, Romania, Poland and Switzerland.

A number of the GATOM project partners had previously collaborated on labour market-related research projects through their membership of the European Network for Social and Economic Research (ENSR).

Tom Martin & Associates/TMA had previously been partners in a number of Leonardo da Vinci-funded projects, including the Mobility Centres project. There are a number of parallels between the GATOM and Mobility Centres projects in that both are concerned with mobility, GATOM in terms of occupational mobility and the Mobility Centres project in terms of mobility of employees internally and externally within their employer. The co-ordinator of the Mobility Centres project was the University of Piraeus, an ENSR member organisation.

EU Lifelong Learning Programme

The project was funded by the Transversal Programme (Key Activity Strand 1: Policy Co-operation and innovation in lifelong learning [covering Studies and Comparative Research and the European Qualifications Framework]) which is an important component of the EU's Lifelong Learning Programme. For more details on the Lifelong Learning Programme follow the link in the side-bar on the left of the page.

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